Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Arrogant failure to see the big picture in Conservation

CASE STUDY   May 2016    A farmer kills a planning officer about to prosecute him for treeclearing/ weed conrol

Dear Mr Turners death should be mourned deeply as unnecessary and unjustified

But public servants and politicians old and new must be held accountable for the fact that it is still not good biodiversity protection legislation.  
 Its very tragic that Mr turner lost his life because of a farmer who couldn't cope with the Native vegetation laws. It may be that Mr Turnbull was a recalcitrant property developer but either way - its not just HIS problem;

Others are being driven mad too by BAD legislation that has hung around sensible thinking  peoples necks for over 30yrs .That's a lot of time for  bad law to operate .For the half baked meddling too that has been part of its history .   A lot of that legislation  doesn't make scientific and ecological sense and worse its been dumped into the wrong hands for someone to manage ; It was insisted upon by GREEN politicians who didn't know what they were doing ,    Retention is NOT the be all end all of conservation .

As one who administered the ill conceived NVR rules and knows their dumb place in legislative history,  I know every year for nearly 20yrs we tried to make the law for protecting biodiversity ( whih is much much more than existin vegetation )   make sense only to see arrogant GreenLabor forces add the Commonwealth to the list of incompetence and irresponsibility errors made so far in so  their own political ineptitude to the problem . The current Federal government are right to insist the States get it right cause its a piece of legislation pushed into the administrative courts by the GREENS . Biodiversity management is too important to be left in the hands of administrators and bookkeepers - What has the world come to

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poor Old Lady Macbeth

It seems to me we love to project our thoughts of evil onto her and her alone .What about Macbeth himself - weakness he was. her strength we admire . In typical PC correct reactionary style a>professor Cheng at Princetown thinks he can redeem her somewhat - missing the whole point of placing yourself in the 16Th century -
The people of the day rejoiced in recognising themseleves in "the happy couple." Other outhouses at Princetown ( eg pysch) TODAY might also rejoice that someone (Shakesp) was not so religious as to stiffle our enjoyment of seeing others in the same predicament and with the same tempatations as us ( albeit less dramatic)too overcome
Chengs literal myopia carries absolutely no weight ( like most dramatic art of the moment) against Shakespeares pointed paradox - that evil is within us all ( eg Macbeths false admiration for something he doesn't have , but might have - mettle). She is no worse or better than her husband, just ambitiuos - ambition like mettle, has no internal moral value. Mistaken value systems are the depression pills of the modern west

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Star Wars- enjoyment

while the ageing left struggles fanatically to reviev the dead body of secularism and own your own morality ,ART remind us that the new generation want the boundaries between right and wrong , good and bad to be clearer- its more fun that way too !